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The Constance Bridgeman Centre is a Key Stage 4 Pupil Referral Unit with up to forty students aged 14-16 who have been excluded or referred to us due to varying levels of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Our maximum class size is eight and our ethos is one of mutual respect, offering a fresh start in a genuinely different learning environment. Our staff engage with our students at all times, providing not just academic opportunity but positive modelling and guidance in how to negotiate varying social situations.

“An outstanding feature of the centre is the way in which students are helped to change their behaviour, their attitudes to learning and the way in which they react to authority figures.Consequently, students learn to become less confrontational, listen more to others and manage their own behaviour in a much more positive way than when they first arrive.” (Ofsted, April 2013)

Our positive ethos and respectful, supportive relationships permeate everything we do at CBC; a number of children have been successful with us where they have failed to settle or be accommodated at any other provision.

“The centre creates an extremely positive atmosphere which enables students to settle in quickly and to engender a strong sense of belonging. For many students, this is something they have rarely experienced before in a school setting. It enables students to become ready for learning and to establish good attitudes towards their education.” (Ofsted, April 2013)

Of course, our students are all individuals – and we treat them as such, which is one factor of our success. Their background environments also vary widely; some have stable, loving homes, while others may experience considerable chaos in their personal lives. For all of our students we aim to provide a place of safety and reassurance.

“The secure and caring environment ensures students are kept safe and feel safe at the Centre.”(Ofsted, April 2013)

We continually monitor and revise our curriculum to deliver the best results for our students, providing a range of GCSE and vocational qualifications. We look to maximise academic accreditation for all activities so that our students can succeed in their next steps after leaving us.

“The centre makes good provision for students and helps them to achieve well. By the time they leave, the vast majority have secured appropriate placements to continue their education or training for work and future life.” (Ofsted, April 2013)

We work with children – at a crucial period in their lives – to develop the qualities of independence, resourcefulness and determination which will serve them well as they progress into adulthood. We look to serve our students, locality, and the wider community – and to inculcate this ethos of becoming a contributing member of society in the young people in our care.

“The centre has a clear purpose which is understood by the staff, who work effectively to common goals, the most overarching of which is to ensure students are well prepared for their next steps in education and future life.  The centre makes a strong contribution towards keeping the numbers of young people who are unemployed or not in education or training down to a very low level in the local area.” (Ofsted, April 2013)

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief introduction. If you feel there is some way in which the Constance Bridgeman Centre can help you, please contact the Head of Centre or Deputy Head on the number above.

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Telephone 020 8599 2972


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