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Brookside school is an education centre for young people who are attending the tier 4 CAMHS hospital at Brookside. CAMHS means Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

The hospital caters for young people who have a variety of challenging mental health issues. Referal to the hospital is usually made via the community CAMHS. There are both planned and emergency admissions. There are a mix of ward based and day patients.

In the education centre, there are three teachers at present, two of whom work part time. There is one full time head teacher. A peripatetic music teacher gives instrument lessons for two hours a week.
The education team work as part of a multidisciplinary staff which also comprises nursing staff, doctors, occupational therapists, social workers, consultants as well as many other professionals. We also work alongside the parents and mainstream teachers and lecturers of the young person being treated in the hospital.
This skilled multidisciplinary team contribute to many aspects of a young persons stay in hospital and, as one might imagine, a very important aim is to keep young people in touch with their mainstream education as fully as they are able. All staff aim to help young people continue with their education and make it a positive experience. All aim to help them reintegrate into whatever form that mainstream education takes as the end of a hospital stay approaches.

Teachers in the school can give expert tuition in Maths, English, Science, ICT and Art at all key stages.
We also pride ourselves on giving guidance on how to learn, and we support young people studying a variety of other subjects in which we ourselves may not be expert.
Should young people at Brookside be able, we support and encourage extra curricular activities.

We help young between educational placements, young people seeking and preparing for places in colleges, schools, or possibly employment that they may be planning to start.

We are excited about the opportunities that education has to offer but maintain a good sense of proportion (and humour) when days are difficult and a young people struggle.

We take account, and help communicate to others, that young people facing a tough time may not be able to manage the academic load that they would wish to work on if they were in perfect good health.

We endeavour to make education at Brookside a positive and enriching experience.

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